VV Line

SIA “VV Line” is a fast growing company with more than 80 years of experience in commercial vehicle and spare parts trade

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VV Line

With IAMCF we are planning to distribute the latest Kässbohrer truck models to our customers in Baltics.

Vladimirs Lapins, Board member and Managing Director at “VV Line”

Loan ID:#0011
Already financed:000.000€
Funding target:200.000€
Funding limit:300.000€
Loan purpose:growth
IAMCF Care:yes
Investment buy-back:yes
Interest payment:monthly
Maturity payment:after 12 months

Why invest in VV Line (Key advantages)

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Income opportunities

10% fixed annual interest rate, 1 year maturity with monthly interest payments.

Sufficient experience

More than 80 years of experience in commercial vehicle market, with more than 6,5 million revenue in 2018.

You are protected​

IAMCF Care and investment buy-back available.


SIA “VV Line” is a rapidly growing company with many years of experience in the field of trade in freight transport.

VV Line is the official representative of Kaessbohrer in the Baltic region (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia).

VV Line offers a wide range of new equipment directly from the manufacturer: tent and curtain side semitrailers, low-bed trawls, tanks for transporting various types of cargo (gasoline, bitumen, chemicals, cement, feed, flour, etc.), container ships, platforms.

In accordance with the individual needs of the client, VV Line together with the manufacturer are ready to prepare, make and implement all sorts of technically acceptable design changes and improvements, while providing the best prices compared to other competitors in this market segment.

The company VV Line offers new and used trucks DAF in various versions and configurations.

Also in the scope of the company VV Line includes the purchase of used cargo and special equipment.

VV Line provides delivery of new equipment to any country and region at the choice of the client.

Requested funds planned distribution

200000 €

100% Volume increasing, new Kässbohrer trucks purchase

About the Company

  • Company: SIA “VV Line”
  • Adress: Priežmalas iela 6A, LV-2103
  • Website: www.vvline.lv
  • CEO: Vladimirs Lapins
  • Incorporated: February 2009
  • Company registration number: 40103216393

Market overview

Kässbohrer constantly renews their production line and is highly competitive in terms of product quality and know-how. Company has retained massive part of their income to research and develop new truck models that will be even more efficient and safe. “VV Line” is the first company that is going to present and furthermore distribute these models in Baltics.

Baltic states have always been one of the most promising market for trailer and truck traders. Estonia and Latvia have large sea ports, at the same time being the mediator between European manufacturers (Germany, Denmark, Sweden) and customers from Russia and eastern countries. Those economic factors along with more than 10 year experience allow Vladimirs and his team to look forward and set the highest goals.

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