Impaya - Online payments solution

ECMA is constructing crypto-mining container and filling it with self-made crypto-mining servers.

Fixed interest, %​


Running time, months


Goal, €


Already invested, €​


From Impaya:

With IAMCF we are planning to acquire EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license in UK and increase our volume in Asian countries.

Sergejs Roslikovs, CEO and Co-founder at “Impaya”

Dmitry Litkin, CEO at European Crypto-Mining Association


Loan ID:#008
Already financed:000.000€
Funding target:295.000€
Funding limit:350.000€
Loan purpose:growth
IAMCF Care:yes
Investment buy-back:no
Interest payment:monthly
Maturity payment:after 24 months

Why invest:

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Premium income opportunity

21% fixed annual interest rate, 2 years maturity with monthly interest payments.

Sufficient background

Impaya is working in more than 170 countries and 20 banks, generating ≈8 million€ average monthly revenue.

Sufficient background

Impaya is working in more than 170 countries and 20 banks, generating ≈8 million€ average monthly revenue.

Know-how owner

Company has developed unique product and is offering wide range of services. No outsourcing.


IMPAYA is IPSP (TPP) which specialize in Low-risk and High-risk merchants processing.

Impaya offers a wide range of preferred local payments methods in over 170 countries including local and international credit and debit cards (Visa/MasterCards/Amex), SEPA Direct debit and other bank transfers, bill payments, eWallets and prepaid methods.

Main customers – Europe and CIS countries

Main industries – Forex/Binary option, gambling, gaming, lotteries, dating services, real estate companies, ticket-services and retail merchants.

At this moment Impaya is working with 20 banks and payment service providers. Main location are EU and CIS countries.

Average monthly turnover in 2018 – more than 8million EUR/month.

More information about Impaya could be found on company’s webpage:

Impaya is working:

  • in more than 180 countries
  • with more than 30 languages
  • with 87 currencies
  • with high-tech proprietary technology
  • with 24/7 support
  • 100% legal


Legal support

Mediation process with a foreign bank. Impaya helps drafting all the legal documents, supervise the process of account opening and building relationship with the financial institution.

Receiving business licences for casinos, Forex trading services and other finance-related institutions.

White label gateway

Use Impaya service as your own payment gate with full management rights.

The whole package with total control for work with unlimited partners and customers.

Customer can become the payment and processing company (IPSP), but without headache of support and software update

Requested funds planned distribution

195000 €

66% EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licence obtaining in UK

100000 €

34% Increasing volume by applying services in Asian countries

About the Company

  • Company: Norske Group LP
  • Adress: Suite 1 44 Main Street, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland, ML11 0QW
  • Website:
  • CEO: Sergejs Roslikovs
  • Incorporated: October 2017
  • Company registration number: SL028833

Market overview

Total Transaction Value in the Digital Payments segment amounts to €3,579,333m in 2019. Market is expecting a 26% growth in year 2020 and almost 300% in the next five years. Such figures are predicting Impaya a very promising future. Company is expecting to grow massively, simultaneously with main featured customers industries such as online gambling, cryptocurrencies and trading services.

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Even though cryptocurrency market as considered as one of the most volatile among the trending ones, crypto-mining remains being of the most safe and stable investment opportunities. Price of particular crypto-currencies does not significantly affect mining profitability. ECMA’s strategy for mining considers long-term investment and has nothing common with crypto speculation

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