General questions

Crowdfunding is alternative method of raising funds from private investors to finance projects of different sizes and nature.

If the project doesn’t reach the goal, IAM Crowdfund involves it’s own funds to cover the gap between invested amount and targeted amount. IAM Crowdfund also has agreements with authoritative investment funds, banks, and private investors which are ready to get involved in IAM Crowdfund projects. This creates additional warranty that every project will eventually be funded on targeted amount.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail, please first check your spam folder. If you can’t find the e-mail there, please contact us at info@iamcrowdfund.com

Questions by investor

There are no geographical and nationality restrictions to become an investor at IAM Crowdfund. As a general practice, we do not accept investors as well as projects related to, or coming from blacklist countries.

We do not accept all the projects that apply to us for raising funds. We evaluate the potential sucess of the project, as well as level of interest this may cause to public. Our aim is to help businesses not only raise funds, but also to make these familiar to wider public. Our team of professionals constantly monitors the development of the projects the investments are collected for, and the progress is published on our website, so that investors can see what their funds are used for.

Yes, an investment from a private investor having an account with IAM Crowdfund, is considered a loan to a legal entity undertaking a specific project.

At the time of registration as an investor with IAM Crowdfund, individuals are obliged to provide true and correct information about themselves to sucessfully pass due dilligence procedure. After they have an account successfully, there are no further obligations for investors. Most importantly, as an investor, you are not obliged to make further contributions after you have already made one.

The pay-out schedule varies from project to project. After you are registered as an investor, and decided to make a contribution to a specific project, the pay-out schedule for the chosen project will be visible for you.

Minimum amount of single investment at IAM Crowdfund is 100 EUR. Minimum amount that investors are able to withdraw from IAM Crowdfund is 15 EUR.

Crowdfunding and investment in general is considered as a high-risk activity. We expect investors to understand and take on the risk associated with their activities. The worst scenario that may happen – the entire investment can be lost. Nevertheless, the updates regarding each project’s development is published by us, and you as an investor do not have obligation to continue investing into the specific project.

For minimization of risk, an investor can diversify the investment porfolio, thus ensuring that in case some instruments are not generating proper return, the other do.

Also, IAM Crowdfund Care and Investment Return tools are applied for majority of the projects. These tools can make particular project risk-free.

No, you do not. All investment opportunities at IAM Crowdfund are loan-based.

Yes, you can get your money back any time, with requesting us by e-mail, if particular project was supported with Investment Return. The request must be lodged in electronic form via e-mail info@iamcrowdfund.com by contacting your personal IAM Crowdfund agent.

Your deposit will be available within 2 working days.

To verify your identity, your first deposit you will need to do using your personal bank account. Furthermore, you can deposit using other electronic money institutions. IAM Crowdfund accepts such payment methods as Skrill and Neteller. IAM Crowdfund is constantly adding different deposit options. Please contact us if you wish to know the availability to deposit via other payment systems.

Yes, the interest rates are fixed for the entire period.

That means, that interest rate may increase during loan period, depending on project success.

If the project doesn’t reach the funding target, it will be funded with IAMCF Care.

Investment cant be changed, after it has been submitted. If you want to invest more than you originally did, you can make another investment.

Yes, you can contact with them via their own website, LinkedIn profile or asking IAMCF team for the contacts.

Investment interest start to be calculated from the moment, when you have made the investment.

Investment buy-back is provided by the platform, not by the project owners. Along with them we have personal guarantee from project owners and in some projects collateral (mainly real estate).

10% penalty is taken in case you are willing to cancel your investment before the end of term.

In the worst case scenario, if project annouces default, IAMCF guarantees to cover 100% of investment during next 2 months after default is accounced (for those projects that are supperted with buy-back). This time will be used to initiate the legal process. 2 months is the maximum term, we expect to return funds in 1-2 weeks. In this case there are no fees for investors. Again want to remind that this is the worst case scenario and it is very unlikely.

As IAM Crowdfund was registered in August 2018 and started it’s operations in November 2018, we did not have presentable figures for year 2018. Furthermore, starting from year 2019 IAM Crowdfund is planning to share yearly statements along with relevant ratios with society. Information will be placed on our platform and present figures for previous year.

To follow European crowdfunding regulation and KYC and AML requirements IAM Crowdfund is obliged to confirm investors identity by checking ID or passport and utility bill. Investor will not be able to withdraw funds from investor account until his/her identity is not confirmed. We reccomend to pass the ID verification just after the registartion to complete full document check.

Documents should be uploaded by investor using special submission form in user area.

Note: All the docoments are kept safe by IAM Crowdfund and will never be sent/traded to third parties! More information could be found in IAM Crowdfund’s privacy policy.

Questions related to projects owners.

Investment projects can be easily applied using this form.

Investors don’t have any influence on the day-to-day business of a company. Project owner continues to make its own indipendent desicions.

IAM Crowdfund Care. If the project doesn’t reach the goal IAM Crowdfund involves it’s own funds to cover the gap between invested amount and targeted amount. IAM Crowdfund also has agreements with investment funds, banks, and private investors which are ready to get involved in IAM Crowdfund projects. This creates additional warranty every project will eventually be funded on targeted amount.

Support. You are getting professional support from our specialists to prepare your project for crowdfunding.

Blog. Our investors won’t only invest to your project, they usually enjoy following the project progress throught our blog.

Low fees for companies. Starting from 1,69%. We focus on individual approach to every project owner. Please fill the project owner form and our project manager will contact you within 1 working day.

Access to investors from all over the world. Thousands investors from all over the world are looking for attractive investment opportunities. By joining IAM Crowdfund you are joining a huge financial network, we are your way to success!

Yes, you can collect investments from different channels and pool them together in one project.

After you will make the request, IAMCF team will contact you as soon as possible, we make a decision within 1 week. The decision may last longer, if your product is specific for crowdfunding.