About Us

We create good crowdfunding practices providing investors an insight into projects from various industries. The main criteria are financial indicators rather than the industry. IAMCROWDFUND aims to be a platform that connects the most promising regional projects with investors to create mutual high value added cooperation.

It is important for IAMCROWDFUND team to get excellent ideas implemented, therefore to follow our convictions we have created IAMCROWDFUND Care as an extra guarantee for both projects submitted and investors.

Under the IAMCROWDFUND Care program, we have concluded cooperation agreements with several business angels who believe in our idea and strict selection criteria. We have been given the green light to provide additional funding in amount of X% of the total project value to those projects that have not been able to obtain the necessary funding within the specified time frame. Thus, we show the responsibility for what we do, for our team expertise and the projects we present.

Our main office of the company is located in Warshawa.